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How To Find A Professional, Quality Driven Electrician

If you’re considering major remodeling work, then one of the most important decisions that you’re going to have to make is your choice of an electrician. This isn’t as simple as basically flipping open your closest Yellow Pages, local services directory or doing a quick Internet search. Your choice of an electrician can make an enormous difference to costs and your peace of mind.

So – what do have to keep in mind to ensure that you have a qualified and experienced electrician on hand?

Here are some hints and tips to ensure that your experience is as trouble free as possible.

#1 Review Certification.

The electrician that you choose should be fully licensed by an accredited body. Always ask to see a valid and up to date license to operate. If they’re part of a larger company (and they should be), then make sure that the company has a good track record of hiring workers that are fully trained. Their website will usually give details of how they train their workers and the accreditation of their Master Electricians. For a big job, a Master Electrician is an absolute must.

#2 Reputation Counts.

The best source of referrals is your family and friends. A work colleague is also a great source of trusted information on electricians. As far as research into the trustworthiness and professionalism of an electrical contractor is concerned your first port of call should be the Internet. Look for review sites about services in your area or the company website. Reviews should be by real people not just ‘EL from Washington State’ for instance.

#3 Experience Is Key.

When choosing your electrician always make sure that they have a whole bunch of prior experience in the sort of project that is being planned. If necessary ask for a ‘project book’ – most reputable electricians, especially those who have been involved in large projects will be able to supply images and client reviews of successful work completed. The company or individual needs to have a track record of success. Remember you have to live with the results of the work.

#4 Communication Is Vital.

A professional and experienced electrician will always communicate any concerns that they have before commencing the job. He or she will also supply you with a written ‘all in’ quote which avoids surprises later. Avoid electricians who are prepared to quote for work over the phone. It’s impossible that they will have knowledge of the challenges that they might face before visiting the property – a professional will always visit before quoting.

#5 24/7 Service.

An established and qualified electrician who has a thriving business, with a great track record will be able to respond to any problem you have, night or day. After hours service may cost a bit more – but the electrician should be able to respond to emergencies – and they should be able to respond quickly.

#6 Safety First.

It may seem redundant to say that electricity is dangerous – but too many unqualified and inexperienced electricians do not pay sufficient attention to either their safety or the safety of the homeowner and their family. A professional electrician will observe full safety protocols at all times – and the best have training in what to do if things do go wrong. Ask them about safety planning.

#7 Technology Savvy.

New developments are always occurring which can influence the types of fittings that you might want for your home, the electrical installation or maintenance of the home or exactly how the electrician goes about his or her business. These developments can make the job faster and more efficient, as well as save you money. Do a little research about the sort of job you need to be completed (the Internet is once again your friend) and ask your electrician if they know about the latest developments. If they don’t, you may have a reason to worry.

By following these simple guidelines, you should be able to source a professional and experienced electrician in next to no time. Be aware that if you don’t do your due diligence, then the results can both keep you awake at night and have a huge impact on your bank balance.

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