Battery Surge Protection

If you’re concerned about the risks associated with a power failure, you may be wondering if your home or office needs battery surge protection.

Reasons To Invest In A Battery Backup Surge Protection Unit

One of the most important reasons is that utilities sometimes suffer from short jumps in voltage. These can damage electronic components, ruin power supplies, and fry entire devices. When this happens, a surge protector cuts down on the voltage to protect your electronics. These protectors are useful when the power is interrupted and your computer may lose all of its data. If you live in an apartment, electrical surge protection can protect your electronics from being damaged by a power surge.

The joule rating of your surge protector is an important factor to consider. Ideally, a surge protector breaker should be able to handle the joules your devices produce when they’re charging. Higher joules are better for charging cell phones, while lower joules are fine for charging Nintendo Switches. Also, a swivel outlet is a great feature to consider if you have multiple cords and devices.

Types Of Battery Back Up Surge Protections

There are three primary types of battery backup surge protectors. A rack-mount UPS is best for a data center or office environment, while a compact UPS is for a home setup. Compact models are usually cheaper, but they typically don’t come with intelligent LCD displays. Lastly, a non-LCD display UPS will be more affordable than a high-end model. But both types of battery surge protection offer excellent protection for your electrical devices.

A surge protector should never be plugged directly into a UPS, as it may draw power from the UPS and cause an overload. Instead, you should plug the UPS directly into the wall. This ensures that it receives the most consistent power. Additionally, it limits the amount of time your UPS goes into battery mode. In other words, the surge protector protects your devices from an outage, and makes sure you’re protected. If you use a surge protector, you should only use it on a home power source.