Electricians – What Their Work Includes

What is the job of most electricians? What do they do? Most people think of electricians as people that only come to your house to fix an electrical problem. Well, they do that a lot, but they also do other work that serves not only individuals but also large companies, the state, etc. Usually, the job of an electrician lasts about forty hours a week. That, however, doesn’t mean that it is fixed. Sometimes, they may work overtime. Other times, it may be necessary to supervise a certain machine for hours.

Electricians - What Their Work Includes

Residential Electrician

When dealing with household electrical problems, most electricians can fix it all. They can fix various installations and electrical problems of all sorts. It may be a problem with the electrical wiring. It may be a problem with the fuse boxes. When dealing with residential issues, electricians have it easier than when dealing with larger places like factories or large machines which need electrical help.

Commercial Electrician

When having to do work at factories, the job of electricians gets slightly more complicated. It is not some fuse box or the repair of an installation anymore. This work requires more time and effort. Sometimes, the repair and maintenance of a heavy machine may involve the help of many electricians. Some electricians who are skilled may sometimes only serve to give wise advice. They can tell the owners whether the machines can function anymore.  Here is a look inside what your electrician does.

New Construction

Electricians are the ones in charge of constructing and maintaining electrical substations. It is their job to install and maintain a lot of things including electric relay devices, control cables, high-voltage cables, communication equipment, power transformers, and station batteries. But a substation electrician doesn’t just deal with just these set of equipment but all those that are required by the electrical substation.They also work with high-energy lines and equipment. This kind of electrician has to be physically fit and must endure extreme weather conditions since most of their work is done outdoors.

Electricians don’t only work indoors. There are a lot of times that they have to work out doors. The worst is when they have to work outdoors during extreme weather. That makes the job much more risky to them. Sometimes, electricians may simply work at a construction site along with various other workers.

It is crucial that electricians stay safe with whatever they are doing. They must strictly follow safety precautions, rules, and procedures and apply the basic things they learned during their training.There are some qualifications for substation electricians. They must have at least satisfactory results from their training program. They must know the basics of electrical theory too.